Current situation in Nadeschda

Dear friends of „Musik statt Straße”!

At the moment, we are doing everything we can for “our kids” in Bulgaria, and we are in dire need of your emotional and financial support!

The ghetto in Sliven, where most of our project-kids live, is in quarantine and there is a curfew. Anyone who has been there can imagine how dire the situation in Nadeschda is under current circumstances. People live very closely together, often many people in the same “housing”, many of which without any windows. Sanitary conditions are terrible and there aren’t enough medical supplies in the ghetto. Food security is also not ensured to the community within the ghetto.

Our teachers, which are not allowed teach in our facilities at the moment, are in contact with their pupils. The children need this attention, and are practicing even more intensely than before, clinging to music as their source of hope in these difficult times. It is very important, that our teachers stay in contact with the children to identify potential emergencies.

One of many examples: Two of our students live with their mother in a one room apartment in the ghetto. With the mother not being able to work at the moment, they do not have the financial means to buy medicine, fuel for heating or enough food. With money we are regularly transferring for the family, our teacher is able to buy the necessary foodstuffs, medicine and wood for heating for the girls and their mother. The food is delivered after arranging via phone and is done under consideration of the required safety distances, near the tunnel to the ghetto. The wood is delivered directly to the house of the family.

We are in daily contact with the coordinator in Sliven, Radka Kuseva, and consult what is necessary at any moment and can react quickly to changing needs.

We thank Radka and our teachers for their incredible efforts and commitment!

We are very moved and relieved, that with the help of your donations, we can provide vital support to the children and their families in this very difficult time!

This only works, however, because of the emotional connection, the love and responsibility we receive from all of you to pass on to the children and teachers.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

Your Georgi Kalaidjiev and Maria Hauschild